Breastfeeding help and information

What we are

La Leche League International is a volunteer, non-profit organisation, non-political and non-religious, specialised in providing information, encouragement and support about breastfeeding to every mother (to be) and child-care professional.

Mother-to-mother support

Our primary resources are our LLL Leaders, an internationally recognised accreditation. Each La Leche League Leader is a mother with a wide personal breastfeeding experience who understands the needs for support from other mothers, She keeps up to date with current research and other mothers' experiences through ongoing education within the organisation. She provides practical suggestions and emotional support to mothers at meetings, on the telephone and by e-mail.

Internationally recognised expertise

La Leche League International serves as a Non-Governmental Organisation consultant to UNICEF and maintains official working relations with the World Health Organisation.


La Leche League is the world's largest source of breastfeeding and related information, distributing more than three million publications annually, including books, leaflets, parents magazines and journals for health professionals. Information is available in more than 30 languages.

How to contact us

In Europe you can contact us through the addresses on the Contact page.